3 Short Prayers for Strength

Are you exhausted?

I think I speak for all of us when I say “Yes” to this question. If you’re not at the moment, you will be. If you are lucky enough to have never been exhausted, don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Being at a point where you feel insufficient, incapable, and indecisive is terrible. Even suffering from physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion can make you unenthusiastic about anything. Let alone if you are at a breaking point with all three.

Guess what? God can help. Here are threeprayers that are short and effective. They each have a specific focus so you can use the one that most fits you where you are.

Prayer for Emotional Strength

Dear Heavenly Father,

I’ve reached my emotional breaking point. I am full of doubt, despair, and anxiety. I’m dissatisfied and don’t know where to turn.

I pray to ask you for emotional strength. Please give me trust, joy, and excitement so I can be lifted from this dark place and become the person you created me to be. 

Please be with me and give me comfort and fill my heart with your goodness. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Mental Strength

Loving Father,

I have reached a mental overwhelm with everything in my head. I am struggling to remember, I feel as though my brain is going half speed and I can’t even make sense of minor things.

Give me mental strength so I can comprehend things that are constantly thrown at me. Please give me the capacity to memorize important material and recall it quickly. Also give me the ability to distinguish between things so that I make good choices and learn quickly.

Father I ask that you be with me, constantly giving me knowledge so I am wiser, smarter, and more prepared.

In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Physical Strength

Almighty God,

My body is broken. I’m hurting from injury, sickness, and fatigue. 

Please give me the strength to recover and become stronger. Help me rebuild my body to full health, and be with me as I use my body for things that would honor You. 

Help me as I go about my day. Grant me the power and strength to work and do things to the fullest of my ability.

In Your Son’s name I pray, Amen.

My Prayer for You

Dear Gracious Father,

You’ve given us so much. You pour out your blessings  all around us and we’re grateful.

Right now I want to lift up the person reading this prayer. God I pray that you heal them where they are sick, fill them where they are empty, and be a friend to them in all the ways they feel lonely. 

I pray for their weaknesses Lord, and ask that you give them strength. Pick them up and be with them as they carry on through today. Bless them and guide them so they would do things that honor you. Bless them and keep them and give them peace.

This I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

I hope these prayers will help you as you seek strength in different areas of your life. I also sincerely pray for you. I don’t know your prayer requests, but God does. My prayer for you is that he lifts you up and gives you strength. 

If you are interested in joining a prayer community that shares prayer requests with each other, and has a strategic approach to prayer, I ask that you visit our Daily Prayer Newsletter and see if it’s right for you. It’s been a blessing to me and the people who have joined.

May God be with you.

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