A Prayer for Safety and Strength

There I was, cowered in the middle of the hallway, with a flashlight in hand. The electricity had been out for over an hour, and I could hear the storm rage just outside my kitchen windows. My wife and I bought this house not even one year ago, and I worried that tonight could be the night it was damaged or destroyed…

I actually was in that situation, and maybe you can relate. It’s the one moment in my life that I remember asking God for Safety and Strength. Physical safety for me and my family, and strength to believe that he would be faithful. I needed the strength to comfort my wife, as nothing but uncertainty hung over our head for hours.

A Prayer for Safety and Strength

Dear Almighty Father,

Please place a hedge of protection over me and my loved ones at this time. Please deliver me from this (situation) the way you would see best.

Father please also grant me the strength to carry on with unwavering faith. The Bible teaches you are faithful, please grant me the strength to also be faithful to you.

In Your Holy, Delivering Hands, Amen.

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