A Prayer for Strength and Wisdom

We often times find ourselves in need of strength and wisdom. Strength alone helps if you know your goals and the tasks ahead of you. But some times you might find yourself where you don’t have the strength AND you don’t know where your efforts are best spend. Today’s prayer asks for God’s help with both of these.

Prayer for Strength and Wisdom

God, Creator of the Universe,

You bless us with life, health, the ability to make decisions, people who love us, and so much more. You’ve freely given us so much and yet you still listen each time I pray.

Father please give me strength. Strengthen me, my body, my mind, and my heart so that I can do more, think more, and love more deeply. Give me a courageous spirit that isn’t held back by my weaknesses, but is long lasting.

Please give me wisdom like you gave your servant Solomon. Give me a mind so full of wisdom that I can discern clearly the consequences of my choices. Also help me to be aware of situations so I can identify when crucial decisions need to be made and have the confidence to make the right ones.

Father as I go forward, please make me strong and wise. Equip me with the tools necessary to do your will and be a positive reflection of you.

If it be your will, give me strength and wisdom in such quantities that people notice it is you working through me. Allow me to be a person who people come to for support and advice. Allow me to be a person who can impart strength and wisdom on other people.

God please forgive me where I have failed you, this all I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Are you struggling with strength and wisdom? Is there something very specific you need strength and/or wisdom for? Let me know by leaving a comment below or you can email me through the contact page.



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