About Me

Hi, my name is James Christiansen and before anything else I genuinely want to welcome you to Prayers for Strength. I wish this site wasn’t necessary, and I REALLY wish it wasn’t necessary for me. I’ll explain.

I grew up in a Christian household with parents that were fantastic roll models and spiritual leaders. I was an active attendant and participant in church since I was young, and came to know Christ as my Savior at a young age. I grew in my spiritual walk as I got older and soon after college began to make my step into the “real world.”

Fast forward three years, and I (seemingly) had it all. I had a wife I adored, a child I couldn’t get enough of, and a reliable job with a “ladder” that I was destined to climb. Don’t get me wrong, all three of those things were blessings from God that I did not deserve (at all). But something was missing. I was at a spiritual low-point. I had let anything and everything get in front of my relationship with God.

Sounds Good, Right? What’s the catch?

I was the guy who checked his email on his phone and computer, but didn’t spend a minute in prayer. When it came time for annual bonus checks at work, I spent more Sunday mornings in a desk than in a pew. I read books to my child, but they were Dr. Seuss, because I couldn’t find my Bible.

I didn’t renounce my faith or have a near death experience or anything attention-grabbing or TV worthy. It was quite the opposite. I had the same mundane routine, week in, and week out. Month in and month out. Year in and year out. I was weak, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I needed strength. I needed to strengthen my relationships, my prayer life, and my attitude. I also needed some sort of accountability to keep a commitment to these things. And you’re looking at it. This site is chronology of things that I’ve prayed, written, read, and found to be useful in strengthening my Christian walk. In particular this site focuses on… you guessed it, Prayers for Strength.

Ok, so it wasn’t THAT bad

Some times I wish I had a movie worthy life experience with a once-in-a-lifetime turnaround but I don’t. However, based on the emails I’ve gotten so far you don’t either. Yet there is high likelihood that you are in the same shoes I was. If you find yourself in need of a prayer, you’re in the right place. If you’re in the same routine and need some encouragement, you’re in the right place. Most importantly, if you are the person who is in a world full of overwhelm but know there is something missing deep inside, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve made it to this site, I bet you’re in the same boat…

I was there, a Christian who had slowly fallen into a life full of distractions. You might be there now.

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  • But more than anything, I ask you to stop and pray this short Prayer for Strength with me.

Dear Loving Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your gracious mercy that you have freely offered me.

Please be with me and grant me strength to follow you fully.

Please be with me and guide, and bring me close to you.

In your Son’s name I pray, Amen.


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