Update on the Free Book Promotion

I decided to run a two day free promotion of my latest book:

The ONLY Indisputable Thing About Christianity

and am very excited to report that 235 people worldwide visited the site and downloaded a copy for free. If you were one of them I hope you enjoy the book.

If you’re not one of the people who jumped on the opportunity, I still hope you will consider buying it (it’s still at a very low price). I have heard positive feedback and think it will help you learn to effectively share your faith, especially if you get nervous when you think of talking about Christianity.

Prayers and blessings,


My Book is FREE today and tomorrow!

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The ONLY Indisputable Thing About Christianity

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Hope Prayer

Hope – a longing for something specific or special to happen.

Have you ever been desperate for something to happen? Have you ever been in a slump where nothing is going your way and you just wanted SOMETHING to happen?

I certainly have. This prayer is a prayer useful when you need hope. It will have two parts. A prayer for hope for people who are looking for something, anything to get them back on track. The second part will be Continue reading Hope Prayer

Strength for the Hopeless

After a diet/trivia question gone wrong, I perused the internet to find out how long someone could live without food. I stumbled across an article written a long time ago about an old survival rule of thumb called the “Rule of Threes.” The rule of threes says you will live:

  • Three weeks without food
  • Three days without water
  • Three hours without shelter
  • Three minutes without air

And then, as I scrolled down into the comments section I came across an appended list that added “Three seconds without HOPE.”

Continue reading Strength for the Hopeless

Strength to Overcome Daily Struggle

Have you ever felt half speed but when you were asked about it you couldn’t really come up with anything “bad” that had happened? It is extremely easy to get bogged down by daily struggles. Probably easier than we would like to admit. We are all guilty of letting the minutiae of the daily grind get in the way of our good mood.

We should be happy that we aren’t constantly at rock bottom trying to dig out of Continue reading Strength to Overcome Daily Struggle

Short Prayers About Strength

Short prayers about strength are some of the most effective prayers a christian can pray. In our communication with God, it is important to be very honest and candid. He knows our thoughts, desires, and struggles. We’re not fooling him by beating around the bush or sugar-coating things.

Also, we tend to pray about things that are not going well. I know I find myself asking for help more often than asking for opportunities to help. I pray for my weaknesses because I am ashamed of my shortfalls. You might feel the same. This is ok.

Why are Short Prayers Effective?

We are encouraged to be constantly communicating with God. Continue reading Short Prayers About Strength

Importance of Prayer

I know. I know. Prayer is important. But what exactly is the importance of prayer?

Prayer is communication with God. Plain and simple.

God has given us an opportunity to communicate with him any time we desire. ANY time. He is free and responsive no matter what time of day we call on him. Think about this. The creator of the whole universe, omnipotent God, has given each one of us a “blank check” saying we can pray at any time. Continue reading Importance of Prayer