A Prayer for Safety and Strength

There I was, cowered in the middle of the hallway, with a flashlight in hand. The electricity had been out for over an hour, and I could hear the storm rage just outside my kitchen windows. My wife and I bought this house not even one year ago, and I worried that tonight could be the night it Continue reading A Prayer for Safety and Strength

From the Bible – Prayers for Strength

From the Bible – Prayers for Strength

What better place to find examples of individuals praying for strength than the Bible itself? Instead of writing a prayer for you I wanted to share three of the most famous people in the Bible who prayed for strength. All three were devoted to following Christ with their life, and it shows that even Christians will face times of weakness. However, in all three examples, God granted these Continue reading From the Bible – Prayers for Strength

Prayer For Strength and Guidance

A Prayer For Strength and Guidance

Strength is so important. Strength to carry on, make decisions, persevere, etc. But sometimes strength isn’t enough. Life can throw you curveballs in such a way that you need strength and guidance. Guidance to channel your energy in the right direction. Guidance so that your efforts aren’t wasted. Guidance to make progress on things that actually matter.

You wouldn’t drive a car with no steering wheel, right? You also wouldn’t wouldn’t ride in a car knowing the brakes didn’t work. Me either.

That being said, I’ve found myself petitioning God for strength (as I often do) and still feeling “lost.” Lost – not as in the Christian sense, but lost as in “I have Continue reading Prayer For Strength and Guidance

Two Short Strength Prayers

Two Short Strength Prayers

Here are two short strength prayers I’d like to share with you. The first is one dealing with physical after struggling with an illness, and the second is regarding strength in maintaining peace of mind when you become overwhelmed.

Strength Prayer – Physical Strength

Almighty Healer,

I come to you in thanks for all you have given me. I thank you for another day to enjoy being in the presence of your Creation.

Continue reading Two Short Strength Prayers

The First Post

The First Post

For the first post of the site I figured I would share what you can expect on PrayersForStrength.Net. As I mentioned on my About Me page, this site is basically an accountability tool that I’m using for myself. The selfish goal of the site is to be a tool for strengthening my prayer life. The ultimate goal is to be an information resource so anyone can find something that will be useful in their prayer life, whether it’s for them or the people they pray for.

As the name suggests, the primary topic will be on prayers for strength. “Strength” is purposely generic, as it will (and does) have several applications:

  • Physical strength – regardless of our ability or disability.  
  • Mental strength – as our mind goes through the rigors of decision making and consequences constantly. 
  • Spiritual strength – as faith and temptation pull at us with everything we see, smell, hear, touch, taste, and think. Continue reading The First Post