From the Bible – Prayers for Strength

From the Bible – Prayers for Strength

What better place to find examples of individuals praying for strength than the Bible itself? Instead of writing a prayer for you I wanted to share three of the most famous people in the Bible who prayed for strength. All three were devoted to following Christ with their life, and it shows that even Christians will face times of weakness. However, in all three examples, God granted these individuals strength and faithfully answered their prayers. 

Sampson Prays for Strength

Most people who think of “strength” with the Bible think of Sampson. He is in fact the poster child of physical strength anywhere in Bible.
His story is every bit as spectacular as what you would expect in a super hero story. If you’re not familiar, here is a synopsis of Sampson and his prayer for strength.

Sampson was a Nazirite at birth, meaning his life was dedicated to God. His people were ruled over by the Philistines, and he would be God’s anointed to confront them. Among other things, God gave Sampson strength, and he was the figurehead of the Israelites. 

Sampson had many great feats of strength, including killing a lion with his bare hands, slaying a thousand men with the jawbone of an animal, and escaping several times after being bound and outnumbered. Sampson’s final moments include one of the most desperate prayers for strength recorded in the Bible.

“O Lord God, please remember me and STRENGTHEN me only this once, O God, that I may be avenged on the Philistines for my two eyes.” – Judges 16:28

After betrayal by his wife, the Philistines bound Sampson, shackled him, and gouged out his eyes. While standing near the central pillars of the temple, he prayed this prayer and pushed as hard as he could. He knocked the temple and killed everyone in it with his final act of strength.

Paul Told the Philippians About Strength

In his letter to the people at Philippi, now known as the book of Philippians, Paul encouraged them to press on toward the goal as he had. In his effort to reach the heavenly goal of Christ Jesus, he had many roadblocks on the way. In one of the most quoted verses of the Bible, Paul showed that he had in fact prayed for strength.

In Philippians 4:13 Paul is thanking the Philippians for their concern, but ensuring them that he found a way to be content no matter his circumstances. He says in that verse:

“I can do all things through Christ, who gives me STRENGTH.” – Philippians 4:13

Paul had prayed for strength time and again, and found that God in fact answers these prayers, and gives him the strength to do all things through him. Paul suffered prison, persecution, and ridicule based on his faith, but found strength in Christ.

Jesus Receives Strength While Praying on the Mount of Olives

Just before Jesus was arrested, he went to the Mount of Olives with his disciples. He left them to pray alone, knowing that his time on Earth would soon be complete. Asking for God’s will to be done, God sent an angel to strengthen him. Jesus was praying so earnestly that his sweat was like blood falling to the ground.

“An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him.” – Luke 22:43

Jesus was in agony, because he knew his final acts of obedience in fulfilling the scriptures would be the most daunting task the world would ever know. In spite of this, he didn’t demand to be delivered, but asked that God’s will be done. God granted him the strength to continue.

Biblical Examples of Strength

We all face tough times, challenges, insults, and injuries. However, there are many examples of God being faithful when his followers need strength. I encourage you to read more about these three stories, as you will find that the circumstances were dire, yet Christians turn to God in times of great need. 

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May God grant you Strength.

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