Hope Prayer

Hope – a longing for something specific or special to happen.

Have you ever been desperate for something to happen? Have you ever been in a slump where nothing is going your way and you just wanted SOMETHING to happen?

I certainly have. This prayer is a prayer useful when you need hope. It will have two parts. A prayer for hope for people who are looking for something, anything to get them back on track. The second part will be a prayer specific to your hope for an individual, specific thing to happen. It can be anything, a hope for a specific relationship, blessing, opportunity, job, child, etc.

What is one thing you HOPE for deeply? Keep that in mind and you will use it in the prayer. Insert your deepest hope when you see <HOPE>.

Hope Prayer

Blessed and loving Father,

You give us so many things, so many blessings, and have promised never to leave or forsake us.

I know you have given all these things but I am still struggling. I’m struggling with my responsibilities, my finances, my relationships, and my attitude. Lord I am filled with doubt and cannot see a way out. My choices and actions don’t seem enough to get me out of the darkness I’m in. I’m confused, hesitant, and worried.

Please Father give me hope. Please give me confidence and provide opportunities my way. Please extend a helping hand in the form that will make an impact on my situation. May it be friendship, monetary means, a lifted burden, or a mind wiped clean of despair, please give me hope that I can overcome my situation and come out the other side of this dark tunnel. Give me a glimmer of hope and a pat on the back that will allow me to move forward.

In particular Lord I pray for <HOPE>. When I am surrounded by pain, loss, and suffering, give me strength to have a head lifted high and relentless faith in you. I pray specifically that if it be your will, you grant my desire for <HOPE>. Father I know that you are the ultimate provider in good times and bad, and I ask that you help me to be honorable in the things I request. Father may you be with me and keep me and bless me.

In your Son’s holy and precious name, Amen.

If you have a specific request for hope, or have had a hope prayer answered, please leave a comment below.

May God give you hope today.

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