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“I’ve always prayed, but I’ve never been strategic about it. With the Prayers for Strength Newsletter I pray for myself, others, and so many other things God commands us to pray for.” -Marla

“When my wife got a new job and we moved away, I didn’t have a church family to pray with and be accountable to. Now I can pray for the needs of the Prayers for Strength Community and they pray for mine.” -Tyler C.

“I love knowing that as soon as I get to work and check my email each morning, there is a prayer at the top of my inbox. Talk about starting your day off the right way.” -Scottie

“I had fallen in a slump where I didn’t pray like I knew I should. I always made excuses for not spending quality time in prayer, but now that I can count on a prayer in my inbox each day, I pray regularly.” -Tia L.

“I joined the newsletter and loved starting my day off with a prayer. But then the value of the community really hit me when I sent a request for people to pray for my daughter when she was in the hospital. I saw it in the newsletter and knew everyone was praying for her. She’s doing great now. Talk about answered prayers, God is good, and so are the people who trust in Him.” -Nitin S.


What is the sign up process like?

Click this Link, which will take you to the sign up page.

Put in your email, name, and preferred format (don’t worry, they can be changed later if they need to be).

You’ll get an email sent to the address you provided. Open it, and click the link.

You’ll go to a confirmation page, where you’ll click to go to payment details.

Enter your payment details in the Amazon Payments page.

You’re in! The next daily prayer will come soon.

Why do I have to go to Amazon to pay for the subscription?

I’m not a savvy enough to handle credit cards on this site, sorry. With that being said, I leave it to experts. With Amazon Payments, you can pay by credit card and you’ll see the same type of checkout process you’ve seen if you’ve ever bought anything from them. It’s a familiar interface, and their payment security is top-notch.

Who handles the email software?

MailChimp. They make sure your email address is secure (i.e. not sold or spammed) and they handle the actual delivery of the emails. They’re great.

What if I want to change my preferences?

There will be a link at the footer of every email where you can changed your preferences if you want. Anything you can’t change there just reply to the email and I’ll handle it in MailChimp.

Every other newsletter out there is littered with advertisements. Will this one have any?

No. The emails look great and are very clean. One image, one memory verse, one prayer, that’s it.

Also on those other lists you’ll get “extra” newsletters twice a week selling books, courses, telling you to sign a petition, support the sponsors, or some other random offer. I respect you and I respect the community this has become. I am absolutely against doing that. Anything I send will be something I’ve created, and it will be valuable and at a steep discount.

Tell me more about the Tithing gift process…

Tithing is something that I choose to do because I feel like it’s the right thing. With that being said, I want it to be at the benefit of committed members who make this group great. I don’t want a situation where a lot of people sign up the day before a tithe, and remove themselves after. It’s not fair, so that’s why you’re only eligible after being a member for 3 months.

I think this daily prayer service and the community around it will help your prayer life so much that you will want to share it with others. But with the tithing gift it gives you more incentive to share the blessing with others because you stand a lot better chance at receiving the tithe gift for your church or charity.

As for the tithe itself: I’ll send a real check via mail anywhere in the world. It will be in U.S. Dollars. I will research the church, ministry, or charity before I send the check. The check will be from my bank, on your behalf, to an organization. Under no circumstances will I send it to an individual. Sorry again to be stern about it, but it’s the best way to prevent someone being fraudulent.

What’s the catch?

 No catch, I promise. This newsletter makes strengthening your prayer life easy for you. And the members are awesome. But in all honesty, if you aren’t serious about developing your prayer life, you’re not welcome. That’s really the only catch.

I Want To Strengthen My Prayer Life


I am currently in the brainstorming process of writing a book for the Amazon Kindle. That’s about all I can say right now. However, a way that Amazon promotes new Kindle books is they give the authors the choice of a calendar day where they can make the book FREE. Subscribers to this newsletter will be notified so you can claim your free copy of my Kindle Book on Prayer.

As current newsletter members will tell you, this group is my top priority, even over the site PrayersForStrength.Net. Anything I come up with that I’m satisfied will be helpful to you, I’ll let you know.


I don’t know how else to say it, but writing prayers and sending them back to myself completely revived my prayer life, which in turn helped me in lots of ways. I feel closer to God and have been blessed with answered prayers in so many other aspects of my life. I really think that this daily practice of prayer will strengthen your prayer life too.

You’ll get free access to my Kindle Book as soon as it’s released in return for joining the list. You’ll be eligible to possibly “win” a tithe gift from the newsletter for your church. And, if it honestly doesn’t work out or you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time.

I know you’re busy, I’ve been there. I let my prayer life completely dry up before doing anything to help it. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Join the community. You’ll get prayers each day. You’ll establish a routine of prayer that will strengthen your relationship with God. I promise you will be blessed.

I’m convinced. I’m ready to transform my prayer life!