Short Prayers About Strength

Short prayers about strength are some of the most effective prayers a christian can pray. In our communication with God, it is important to be very honest and candid. He knows our thoughts, desires, and struggles. We’re not fooling him by beating around the bush or sugar-coating things.

Also, we tend to pray about things that are not going well. I know I find myself asking for help more often than asking for opportunities to help. I pray for my weaknesses because I am ashamed of my shortfalls. You might feel the same. This is ok.

Why are Short Prayers Effective?

We are encouraged to be constantly communicating with God. Just like you don’t have academic lecture type discussions with your parents friends, every prayer to God doesn’t have to be worthy of a Ph.D dissertation. We should take time to adore God, thank him deeply for our blessings, and pour our heart out for other people. But some times this isn’t appropriate for the situation, and we shouldn’t use it as a reason to keep us from praying. Some times we need to ask God for specific, focused help on one thing. Often times this is in a time-sensitive situation. In these cases, short prayers are the most effective.

A short, directed prayer will be honored by God. Without question. If there is one thing so passionately on your mind that you must pray about it now, do it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait until you have plenty of time. Don’t wait until you the time is more convenient. God himself grants you every breath you take, and he reminds us in scripture that our life can be taken from us in an instant. If the hour is unknown, and you have something on your heart, give it to God. Right now. There is no shame in a short, straightforward, immediate prayer.

Why Pray About Strength?

Strength is important to us. Strength is efficient, reliable, and secure. It is our comfort zone. We thrive when we are in situations that deal with our strengths. We have more confidence, less fear, and accomplish more altogether.

This desire for strength can be harnessed in a positive way through prayer. When you pray, pray for gaining strength where you don’t have it. Pray for the ability and opportunity to use your strengths. Pray for the strength of others.

Our Christian journey is a path of development to become more like Christ. This is no small task. To be like Christ, we must act like him, pray like him, teach like him, and evangelize like him. Each of these are monumental responsibilities, none of which we are likely to do (well) if we feel powerless and unprepared. Praying for strength in our minds, bodies, and attitudes puts us in a position where we have the confidence, knowledge, and ability to pursue these things.

It is honorable to pray asking for strength. Being strong in different aspects of our lives enables and encourages us to pursue a Christ-like life.

Can All My Prayers be Short Prayers About Strength?

No. Although these prayers can be effective, they cannot be the one-trick pony of your prayer repertoire.

Prayer should cover many topics, not always strength alone. As Christ himself showed in the Lord’s Prayer, there are many things to address in prayer. We should spend time thanking God for what he has given us. He has given us countless material things, intangible things, and most of all he gave us a savior. We should also pray specifically for others, their unmet needs and their growth. We are commanded to pray asking for healing, as it shows compassion to our neighbors.

Prayer is a discipline, not a two minute commitment. Translation: short and sweet prayers are effective but are not all you are commanded to do. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says: “Pray Continually.” This is a running conversation with God, telling him everything that is on your mind. Prayer isn’t a check list or a wish list. Prayer is intimate conversation with a best friend and mentor.

Short prayers about strength are a great way to pray things that are very focused that can help you become a better Christian. God will hear these, honor them, and answer them. It is a great way to trust God when you are struggling with something or are in a situation where you feel vulnerable or unworthy.

A Few Short Example Prayers

Dear God,

Please give me strength in this time of need. Please take away my worry and strengthen me so I can accomplish what is in front of me.

I have ultimate trust in you, Amen.



I am doubting and worried. Please strengthen me so I can focus right now, do this to the best of my ability in a way that honors You.

Thank you for being faithful, Amen.



Please be with me right now as I make a very difficult decision. Give me the strength and knowledge to make the right decision and stand by it, even when it is difficult.

I fully believe in you, the almighty, Amen.

I hope God brings strength to you in your time of need.

Were these example prayers helpful? Please let me know so I can provide more like them.


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