Strength Prayer

I thought it would be beneficial to write an “ULTIMATE” Strength Prayer. We all need strength in so many aspects of our lives. This isn’t a prayer that will be all-encompassing, but is thorough in many aspects. You can pray it all together or just pray each part as necessary. I hope this prayer will help you speak directly to God and help you pray for strength where you are weak.

Strength Prayer

Gracious and loving heavenly Father,

You pour your blessings out upon us, even on me, a sinner. Father I’m not worthy of the love you so freely give, but I thank you for your faithfulness. I thank you for all you have done for me, but I come to you weak and broken, asking for strength.

Strengthen my Body

Father, please strengthen my body. Although I’m perfectly created in your image, I am broken by the long walk of life. I struggle with fatigue, injury, and disease Lord, and I ask that if it be your will, heal me from my affliction.

Lord I ask for a strong body capable of doing physical labor and travel that is necessary to further your kingdom. Give me the opportunity to perform tasks and favors that require physical strength to accomplish. Please equip me with the endurance necessary to complete the mission. Allow me to treat my body like a temple that is holy and pleasing to you. I pray that you give me strength and cure me from what plagues my body. 

Strengthen my Mind

God I ask for you to strengthen my mind. I pray that you give me focus when I’m dealing with everyday tasks. Please give me the ability to think clearly and logically, and make me productive while planning my approach to things.

Please give me the capacity for learning more. I want to be a continuous learner of things that will make me a better person and better Christian. Help me to value knowledge and wisdom. If it be your will, give me wisdom like Solomon, so I can have the ability to discern and make wise decisions. I pray that I make choices with my thoughts, words, and actions that honor you.

And finally when I worship, allow me to fixate my mind on you. Allow me to channel my focus towards pleasing and honoring you.

Strengthen my Relationships

Heavenly Father I pray that you strengthen my relationships. Allow the interactions I have with other people to be meaningful and growing. I pray that I can be a true friend to people, reflecting love in a way that would honor you.

I pray for the relationships with the people I consider family. Please bring us closer as a group, so that there are no boundaries or divides between us. Make the bond between each person so strong that it cannot be broken by temptation or mistakes. Help us to have a common focus and have the resolve to keep each other accountable.

Please bless the relationships I have with my friends. You have put each of these people in my life for a purpose God. Help me to be active in maintaining these relationships and give us the ability and willingness to stay in communication. Allow us to learn from one another, help one another, grieve with one another, and trust one another.

God I pray for my church family, that which I attend and the church as a whole. May we work together to form a relationship that reflects your love for the church. We should let nothing get between us and the promises you have made for us. Help us to be accountable to one another and as your word says:

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

Allow us to sharpen each other. Help us to find synergy in our abilities and actions, so that we multiply our contributions to the kingdom of God.

Strengthen the Weak

Lord I pray that you strengthen the weak, people who feel overwhelmed, fatigued, oppressed, or those who are struggling with all the temptations and struggles of everyday life. It can feel like life sends a flood our way at the worst possible times, finding us unprepared and powerless. I pray to lift up anyone who feels like they are weak. Please help these people find victories over their emotional, physical, and spiritual weaknesses.

Strengthen the Church

Please strengthen your church, God. You established the church as a place where believers could gather to worship you and learn about you. It is a place for fellowship and a fortress where your people can gather to prepare to enter the mission field.

I pray father to lift up the people who make the church operate. Please be with the ministers who deliver messages and scripture, give them a direct connection with you and with the congregation so it is your words flowing through the ministers directly to the people. Please be with the worship leaders who set a tone for a service through song and music. Give them creativity and inspiration so as to inspire us as we engage with you. Also be with those members who serve in other ways. Fulfill their hearts to know that there is faithfulness in diligent work that helps the church succeed. 

Help the church be effective in witnessing to people who do not believe in you. Allow different physical churches to work together to strengthen the whole “church” of believers in you. 

Strengthen my Belief in You

Loving and precious father I pray that you give me strength. Strengthen my belief in you and deepen my faith. Help me to be unwavering when I am approached by critics or non believers. Please give me a passion for you that will not be broken by public opinion or current events. Help me to have a steadfast belief that you are in control.

Father please give me an opportunity to share my beliefs and faith with others. I pray that you give me the words to say when the possibility comes. Give me the confidence to have no fear. Please protect me from the harmful words or judgement that can come with rejection, and comfort me to know that sharing my faith is my duty as a believer. I know it will be hard and uncomfortable, but please be with me and lay a hand on my shoulder to know I’m not alone.

Please let me have such a strong witness in my actions and words that people trust me and look to me for advice. May I be a modern day disciple for you.

Strengthen the Lost

God I pray that you give strength to the lost. Father we know that you have a heart that wants to be a dynamic part of every single person’s life. Today I lift up the people who do not know you or who reject you outright. Father please guide them in a way that they cannot deny the signs that you are alive and working throughout this world. 

Help guide people so they have opportunities to learn. Send people their way to have positive interactions with them. Give them an opportunity to worship. Provide for them in ways that only you can. Help people who do not believe step beyond their current self and recognize they can be a part of something everlasting. 

Strengthen my Spirit

Please Lord, strengthen my spirit. I pray that you would give me a spirit that is uplifting and I pray that my spirit shines so bright that it is contagious to others. Please give me a spirit that is so deep rooted in my heart so that it is uninfluenced by petty things and unshakable in times in trouble. I will encounter all kinds of people and circumstances that will test me, but may my spirit have the perseverance to not be brought down by any person.

Please give me the opportunity to be a trusted confidant for other people. May my spirit be so strong that other people look to me to gain strength to rekindle their spirit. Bring us comfort and inject passion into our lives.

Most of all God I pray that you please save my soul. I believe in you and you alone. Please lift my spirit as you did your Son. May I be more like the Holy Spirit and be dedicated to you. Change my life forever and lead my life.


I pray all these things in the name of Jesus, who came to this earth, lived a sinless life, but yet willingly hung from a cross to sacrifice himself on my behalf, Amen.

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