Strength to Overcome Daily Struggle

Have you ever felt half speed but when you were asked about it you couldn’t really come up with anything “bad” that had happened? It is extremely easy to get bogged down by daily struggles. Probably easier than we would like to admit. We are all guilty of letting the minutiae of the daily grind get in the way of our good mood.

We should be happy that we aren’t constantly at rock bottom trying to dig out of a canyon sized rut. But what we shouldn’t do is let small things get in the way of our happiness.

Look at it this way: God placed you on this planet for a purpose. You’re running along but life isn’t a straight, narrow, easy path. There are turns, hills, stepping stones, and some time no path at all. There are only two constants:

  1. Things change
  2. God won’t leave you

Actually think about this for a second. If you were watching a movie, would you rather watch a movie that was pleasant but monotonous the whole time or one with action, suspense, ups, downs, a bad guy, conflict, and overcoming adversity? It’s an easy decision.

Your life will have roadblocks. You will get bumps and bruises. Some might leave scars on your body, others might be much deeper. But living your life with the knowledge that God will never leave you or tempt you more than you can handle should give you a peace that non-believers just can’t wrap their heads around. When you are stuck in a proverbial rut, it’s ok to ask God to help. You’re supposed to. But don’t be mad if he doesn’t answer that prayer like you want.

Relax, he is always with you. The ups and downs of your life make you stronger. Live a life worth living. Overcome adversity. And if people ask you what is different about you, share the peace you have because you know that God will never leave you.


Thank you for your promises to never leave or forsake me. Please be with me this day, help me to overcome obstacles and never hesitate to remember that you are with me. Amen.

May God bless you, even through the little things.

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