The First Post

The First Post

For the first post of the site I figured I would share what you can expect on PrayersForStrength.Net. As I mentioned on my About Me page, this site is basically an accountability tool that I’m using for myself. The selfish goal of the site is to be a tool for strengthening my prayer life. The ultimate goal is to be an information resource so anyone can find something that will be useful in their prayer life, whether it’s for them or the people they pray for.

As the name suggests, the primary topic will be on prayers for strength. “Strength” is purposely generic, as it will (and does) have several applications:

  • Physical strength – regardless of our ability or disability.  
  • Mental strength – as our mind goes through the rigors of decision making and consequences constantly. 
  • Spiritual strength – as faith and temptation pull at us with everything we see, smell, hear, touch, taste, and think.

It’s For You AND Me, Seriously.

It is my goal to write prayers that are applicable for both of us. That’s right, you (the reader) and me. I want to have prayers that we can pray for ourselves, and prayers that we can pray for others. I won’t say that they will all be four pages long because they won’t be. Sometimes an effective prayer can be as simple as “Help?!”

I will promise you that the information you find on this site won’t be over your head. That’s another part about it being for you and me. I’m not a Ph.D student or tenured professor at a seminary, and chances are you aren’t either. Just so we’re clear, I have nothing against seminaries, and nothing against super detailed Christian theology.

But I’ve been at points in my life where I needed a “prayer for strength” and the last thing I needed to hear was a doctrinally thorough exegesis about the ecclesiology of the Israelites in Exodus.

(Relax… I Googled “Hard Religious Words” and “Long Words in the Bible” to find 4 words in that last sentence.)

Prayers for Strength as a Resource

In addition to posting prayers I’ve prayed myself, I intend to post useful resources. I’ll provide words of motivation, some tactical ideas for improving your prayer life, and some insights into my own experiences. I encourage you to post comments and/or email me (I actually prefer email) so I can be sure to be producing timely, useful content.

Also, if you have specific things you are struggling with or have specific challenges keeping you away from your prayer life, please let me know. I sincerely want this to be a useful resource. I will certainly post things that are working for me, but I want to be sure it’s applicable to others.

Wrap Up

Now that we’re acquainted, I want you to explore the site. For now that means either subscribing to the newsletter (top right of this page) or making a mental note to come back when there are more articles and prayers. Please bear with me as I work with the site design, as constant tweaks will undoubtedly occur as I get more familiar with the site creating and editing. 🙂

But seriously, Prayer is one of the spiritual disciplines we are commanded to utilize as Christians. I hope this site has information to instruct, develop, and motivate us to take steps toward a STRONG prayer life.

God Bless

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